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The diverse culture at HT empowers people to dream, dream big and see those dreams come true. Working with the company is not just about possessing a job but moving up the pyramid of one’s goals and ambitions. The company is committed to enhancing the core skills and competencies of its people while also aiding their personal growth and development.

Media is the sunrise sector and is poised for growth. The brand HT Media is a force to reckon with. With a growth rate of 30 per cent, HT Media is the place to avail opportunities and add new dimensions to one’s career spectrum. The company believes in a passion for excellence and a commitment to work as a team. From print to mobile; from radio to internet; and from events to strategic partnerships, HT Media has made its presence felt across all channels of media in its quest to become one of the biggest multi-media houses.

The company firmly believes that its employees are its greatest asset. The talent pool at HT is unmatched, offering immense opportunities to learn and develop new skills. Raising one's own bar and outperforming one's own potential is recognized and rewarded in HT. Star Awards is one such initiative to recognize exceptional performance and reward those who strive for excellence in work.

People with diverse backgrounds and work experiences flourish at HT because they are all united by something unique – and that is the company’s strong value system. HT Media’s values define and represent its identity. The workplace is filled with enthusiastic people with cutting edge skills. What makes them special is a never-say-die attitude and a keenness to excel. Over the years, HT has shaped some famous careers. There are several more who can have their skills honed and careers sharpened because the company is booming with opportunities across various channels of print, radio and internet for people who are motivated, self-driven and have the ambition to excel at work and beyond.


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