Road Safety CSR Initiative

How HT Media Drove Road Safety Agenda for HERO in Delhi-NCR through Print, Digital & Radio Leading to 127K Safety Pledges


Category: Automobiles

Brand: Hero

Solution: Integrated campaign across print, digital, radio & on-ground

About Hero

Hero, a stalwart in the Indian automobile industry, boasts a rich history marked by innovation and leadership. Renowned for its iconic two-wheelers, Hero has been a driving force in shaping India's commuter vehicle landscape, consistently delivering reliable and fuel-efficient options. With a commitment to excellence, the brand continues to play a pivotal role in the nation's mobility evolution.

The Brand Ask

Brand Context

Hero has consistently been at the forefront of fostering positive social impact. Renowned for its commitment to road safety, Hero wanted to launch a road safety awareness campaign and exemplify its dedication to creating safer environment on Indian roads.

Brand Objective

Hero wanted to contribute significantly to public awareness and engagement by invoking behavioural change for road safety and take constructive action like wearing seatbelts, helmets and helping accident victims. The goal was clear: Hero wanted to make a wider social impact by achieving 1,20,000 road safety pledges over 2 years, identifying 200 children of road accident victims to give them scholarships.

Authority Endorsement

Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport & Highways, shared the authority endorsement for the Hero WeCare Road Safety campaign.

Our Approach

The Hero WeCare Campaign was launched across Print, Social, Digital and Radio in a two-year partnership with HT Media. The HT Media team also created a curated series of road accident content in print and digital with a call-to-action. The campaign also consisted of interactions with students in schools and colleges, with silent activations at major road crossings in Delhi.

Campaign Execution

Apart from a 360-degree Hero WeCare Campaign across print, social, digital and radio, what really stood out to create larger impact was the authority endorsement from Shri. Nitin Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways – India. With clutter-breaking innovations across print and digital, the Hero WeCare campaign also conducted a painting competition and IIT Delhi Hackathon which witnessed participation from 600+ students and 100+ teams respectively.


  • The Hero WeCare Campaign resulted in a significant jump in spontaneous awareness on the three behaviours: Wear Seatbelt: 23% before & 76% after; Wear Helmet: 75% before & 81% after; Help Accident Victim: 21% before & 59% after
  • The campaign garnered massive reach across all channels: Digital: 4.9 MN; Video: 1.6 MN; PVs: 425K; Engagement:10K
  • Hero WeCare on-ground activations reached 64,000+ students. Hero’s overall social impact target metric was met with 1,27,200+ Road Safety Pledges.
  • In the first year of the Hero WeCare campaign, 160 Children of Road Accident victims were identified for Scholarships (by reaching out to 3188 students).
  • This partnership exemplifies Hero's dedication to creating a safer environment on Indian roads and underscores its role as a socially responsible industry leader.

Social Impact Highlights

Deep Dive into Results

Insights & Key Takeaways

360-degree CSR Initiatives yield measurable social impact

360-degree CSR Initiatives yield measurable social impact

A 360-degree CSR campaign is essential for measurable social impact, strategically utilising print, radio, digital, social, and on-ground activations. This comprehensive approach ensures widespread engagement, substantiating the pivotal role of a multi-faceted strategy in driving lasting societal change.

Consumer brands can position themselves as responsible industry leaders by supporting a cause

Consumer brands can position themselves as responsible industry leaders by supporting a cause

By partnering with HT Media, brands can leverage the power of integrated marketing across print, digital, social and on-ground channels to create safer environments and position themselves as responsible leaders.

Insights & Key Takeaways

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