How a leading automobile brand achieved a 19% increase in purchase intent and enhanced brand recall by partnering with Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish Awards


Client: A leading four-wheeler automobile brand

Category: Automobiles

Solution: On-ground event sponsorship, product placements

About India's Most Stylish

Hindustan Times India's Most Stylish is a flagship awards event that brings together and awards individuals across different categories for embodying high style quotient. The event sees the presence of top celebrities from film and television, fashion, sports, and business. Amid the glitz of this star-studded awards show, brands can step forward to present their most stylish and sophisticated offerings and gain high-impact visibility by partnering with the HT Media event.

Impact Overview

Partner Brand Impact

The exclusive event extended a warm welcome to our partner brands, ensuring their prominent presence and delivering measurable, lasting brand impact through unique brand integrations, logo presence and product placements from the red carpet to the awards ceremony.

Media Amplification

Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish amasses multi-channel massive visibility and coverage through print ads, editorial coverages and buzz and announcements on radio as well. On digital and social media, the event garners its major reach and high engagement rates through HT Media’s digital and YouTube channels, while also earning organic media amplification mentions, press coverages, and social media shoutouts while trending on Twitter.

Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish

Experience the excitement of the Street Couture Take Over at the Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish Awards 2023, capturing all the thrilling moments.

Our Approach

Social media shoutouts, handshake posts, online articles, radio spots, print ads and editorial coverage add to the buzz generated for Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish. Celebrity social posts, Twitter trending hashtags, partner focused dedicated microsites, all highlight the brand partners presence and themes with smart positioning.

Sponsor Brand Integration

The event enjoyed a multichannel media coverage across print ads, editorial coverages, video views on YouTube, radio secondages and social media shoutouts from celebrities. Visit the event page to see its full glory: Hindustan Times India’s Most Stylish

Measuring What Matters

We partnered with Kantar to measure the impact of brand sponsorship of India’s Most Stylish. Through its research, Kantar shared its findings on brand recall and purchase intent toward the partner automobile brand amongst two groups of people: exposed and non-exposed.


  • The iconic partnership with India's Most Stylish not only boosted morale but also delivered a remarkable 19% points increase in purchase intent, underscoring the event's profound influence on brand success.
  • The brand experienced a 1.19X lift in purchase intent.


Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Unparalleled Brand Recognition Through Event Sponsorship

Unparalleled Brand Recognition Through Event Sponsorship

By partnering with HT Media’s flagship, high-octane event that’s thronged by celebrities, partner brands can receive unparalleled recognition, achieving lift in purchase intent while ensuring lasting recall among its target audience.

Increased Purchase Intent Through Unique On-ground Product / Brand Integrations

Increased Purchase Intent Through Unique On-ground Product / Brand Integrations

Brands can effectively achieve a lift in purchase intent by showcasing their products in unique and creative formats like red carpet entries, celebrity interviews, on-stage product demos while also benefiting from multichannel media amplification, special mentions and celebrity shout outs on social media.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways