How does OYO gain traveler confidence through the strategic use of HT Media's Integrated Solutions?


Client: OYO

Category: Tourism / Internet

Solution: Integrated Campaign: Ads running across HT Media's Print, Digital, and radio channels.

About Brand

OYO, a trailblazing hospitality brand, has cemented its presence as a global leader in the hospitality industry. With an innovative approach and an unwavering commitment to guest satisfaction, OYO has redefined travelers' experience of accommodation. Established as part of the vibrant Indian business landscape, OYO has harnessed the power of technology to offer seamless and convenient stays for travelers worldwide.

The Brand Ask


With the return of travel in India following the easing of lockdown measures, OYO had a huge challenge: how to effectively express their constant commitment to providing passengers with secure and smooth holiday experiences. Interestingly, OYO's internal investigations revealed a widespread desire among potential tourists for promises of "safety" and "sanitization." To firmly answer this demand and create persistent faith in their brand, OYO launched two significant initiatives: the "Contactless Check-in" and "Sanitized Before Your Eyes" campaigns.

What Client Wanted

The need put out by OYO was understood by the Hindustan Times in collaboration with HT Media's integrated marketing solutions. The client's goal was to locate a media partner with a strong national presence and the ability to captivate their particular target audience—the young demographic between the ages of 20 and 34. OYO's extensive presence throughout India served as fuel for this project. Hindustan Times launched two effective campaigns to increase brand identification and raise product awareness for OYO while attaining an unmatched reach.

Target Group

Oyo's strategy goal is to captivate its target market, a young, active population aged 20 years to 34 years. The young crowd seeks experiences that reflect their contemporary and active lifestyles in addition to economical lodging. Oyo aspires to give young travelers the ideal balance of comfort, style, and affordability with services catered to their objectives, making their trips memorable and hassle-free.

Young, Active Population

Dynamic demographic within the age group of 20 to 34 years

Contemporary and Active lifestyle-seeking audience

Happy Clients, Happy Stories

Our Approach

Our core strategy lies in an Integrated Campaign, featuring ads across HT Media's Print, Digital, and Radio channels. This multidimensional approach capitalizes on precise geo-targeting and audience-centric tactics, resulting in remarkable campaign reach and brand recall. These methods have significantly boosted campaign success and engagement.

Campaign Execution

HT Media harnessed the power of three mediums - Print, Digital, and Radio - for an integrated campaign strategy. This approach, combining precision geo-targeting and audience-centric tactics, led to exceptional campaign reach and brand recall, elevating overall success and engagement.


  • Hindustan Times Media Group’s campaign with OYO was well received, as indicated by third-party research.
  • The Solution: The Unbeatable Reach of Three: Print Readership: A combined readership of over 16 million from Hindustan Times, HT City, Hindustan, and Mint. Digital Impressions: Over 51.4 million digital impressions from and Radio Secondages: Utilizing radio airtime on popular stations including Fever 104 FM, Radio One, and Radio Nasha.
  • Recall of Ads: 71% of respondents recalled seeing either of the ads. 55% of respondents recalled OYO branding in either of the ads. 53% of respondents recalled both campaigns.
  • Positive Association with OYO Brand: Among respondents who saw the ad and recalled the OYO brand, 65% had a positive association with the brand across key parameters. In contrast, only 34% of respondents who did not see the campaign had a similar positive brand association.
  • According to an independent survey conducted by research firm Big Blue Banyan among Hindustan Times subscribers: Readers who saw the ads had significantly more positive brand associations across key parameters compared to those who did not see the ads.


Let's dive deep into result data
Impact Among Respondents

Respondents who are willing to consider OYO for their next stay

Impact Among Respondents

Respondents who recalled seeing the Ads

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Elevating Brand Impact

Elevating Brand Impact

Enhancing real estate brand recognition and purchase intent through strategic ad placements.

Integrated campaigns produce tangible outcomes

Integrated campaigns produce tangible outcomes

Our strategy combines a readership of 16 million from Hindustan Times, HT City, Hindustan, and Mint with 51.4 million digital impressions via and for unmatched reach and impact.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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