How HT Brand Studio supported Glen in boosting brand awareness and hyper-targeting through asset production and digital distribution


Client: Glen

Category: Consumer durables

Solution: Increasing brand awareness, Hyper targeting

About Glen

Glen India, a trusted name in kitchen appliances and home solutions, is renowned for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Their diverse product range includes chimneys, hobs, cooktops, ovens, and more, enhancing cooking efficiency. With a focus on quality, they craft durable appliances with sleek designs. Glen India prioritizes customer support, offering warranties and eco-friendly initiatives. Their wide market presence ensures accessibility through authorized dealers, showrooms, and online retailers, catering to customers in India and beyond.

The Brand Ask


Glen partnered with HT Brand Studio to create a unique Digital Series, "Neighbour's Kitchen," establishing an emotional connection through food stories. Season 1 featured promising young chef Tanmay, befriending an elderly couple in Delhi, resonating with a wide audience. In Season 2, he transforms into a home chef in pandemic-era Mumbai, offering relatable narratives.

The Faces of Glen Neighbour's Kitchen

HT Brand Studio enlisted Shahab Ali, Renuka Sharma, Sudhir Gulyani, Vedanta Saluja, and Himanee Bhatia to amplify emotional connections in the storyline. Season 2 introduced food blogger Sarah Hussain, aka Zingy Zest, and Dr. Ritesh Malik, founder of Innov8 Coworking, alongside an exceptional cast, enhancing audience engagement.

Client Testimonial

HT Neighbour's Kitchen | Web Series

Tune into the season finale of HT Neighbour's Kitchen now! This edition also features Dr.Ritesh Malik, founder, Innov8 Coworking, and food blogger Sarah Hussain.

Our Approach

Glen collaborated with HT Brand Studio to establish a distinctive connection. Our challenge was twofold: engage families and seamlessly integrate Glen appliances into their lives, emphasizing the emotional bonds shared among families and neighbors. Our content strategy revolved around spotlighting kitchen appliances, food, and familial love. We used 20-second promotional videos infused with humor, romance, and togetherness to pique interest. We employed Interstitials in a video format for impactful storytelling.

Campaign Execution

The content strategy was kept central to the objective of keeping the kitchen appliances, food and love between families as a central theme. Sneak peek (20 second) videos were created as a promotional tool to draw interest blending humour, romance and togetherness.


  • The campaign employed a comprehensive digital distribution strategy encompassing sneak peeks, brand stories, social media narratives, app notifications, and branded articles.
  • Glen experienced a remarkable 54% increase in site visits, with this surge primarily driven by organic search. The campaign yielded a substantial 31% rise in direct visits to the Glen website. This increase indicates that the campaign successfully engaged and captivated the audience's interest, prompting them to directly explore Glen's offerings.
  • The promotional content generated an impressive 1.2 million views. And the campaign's full video content garnered a massive 15 million views. This level of engagement underscores the campaign's ability to not only attract attention but also maintain viewer interest, resulting in extensive exposure and brand awareness.
  • The campaign reached a vast audience of 35 million individuals, and over 300,000 individuals actively engaged with the campaign.


Let's dive deep into the result data

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Targeted Reach and Engagement

Targeted Reach and Engagement

Our content strategy revolved around highlighting kitchen appliances, food, and the love shared among families as its central theme. This approach allowed us to reach and engage our target audience effectively.

Holistic Digital Approach

Holistic Digital Approach

Our strategy encompassed sneak peeks, brand stories, social media content, app notifications, branded articles, and more. This comprehensive approach maximized reach and audience engagement.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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