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Launched in 2007, Mint became renowned for its in-depth analytical pieces on substantive issues in a very short span of time. As the number of issues that matter to the reader grew, Mint observed a demand for ‘more of more’. 2017, the 10th year of Mint marked a radical and progressive shift in Mint’s approach both in terms of the product and the brand. The reliable chronicler transcended the limits of a traditional business newspaper to become a new-age medium with its navigational aids, wraps, briefings section, infographics and data stories.
One of the most acclaimed and awarded business dailies, Mint is redefining what a newspaper should be in the digital era. Mint is complemented by its highly acclaimed digital platform which is frequented by industry leaders to get their daily dose of real-time business stories and its weekend read, Mint Lounge – a lifestyle read, presenting invigorating snapshots on travel, theatre, fashion, fitness, gourmet cuisine and much more. The Lounge reader takes pride in the finest weekend read they receive every Saturday at their doorsteps. These readers are self-assured enough to go from sensex to sushi, from commodity futures to football. Lounge allows them to go full-spectrum.
Global praise and recognition have been forthcoming for Mint. According to Fortune magazine, Mint has raised India’s standards of business journalism and has a mix of market news, corporate profiles, and lifestyle features. Mint won a Gold in the special coverage category at the IFRA 9th Annual Asia Media Awards 2010. Mint was also voted India’s No. 1 Media Brand in 2009 by advertisers. Mint boasts of an array of prestigious accolades including Media Tenor’s Best Business Media Award 2012 and a series of SOPA awards (Society of Publishers in Asia) over the years. These have been key milestones honouring Mint’s journalistic excellence in business reporting and its insightful coverage across various domains.
Mint has retained its position as the second largest business daily in India with an Average Issue readership of 2.99 lakh readers according to Indian Readership Survey (IRS 2017). Of this large base of Mint readers, 83% of them do not read any other business daily. It is bigger than 3rd and 4th business dailies put together.

Mint also enjoys the most premium readership profile, with over 49% in the NCCS A1- and over 80% readers belonging to NCCS A – a reflection of its growing footprint among the premium audiences in India’s leading metros.

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