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HT Media Limited is a mammoth player in the Indian print media industry. The extent of its presence is undisputed as it is leading the English newspaper market in North India and occupies second place in the Hindi newspaper market in North and East India. The group now intends to further consolidate its already established position as a dynamic media powerhouse.

The group has diversified itself across different media to captivate a wider range of consumers and businesses. Hindustan Times, the flagship publication of the group, inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi in 1924, is a name to reckon with in today’s times. It is ensconced in the minds of people as a newspaper of editorial excellence and integrity. Hindustan Times, Delhi, is India’s largest single-edition daily. Riding on the phenomenal success of the newspaper in Delhi, Hindustan Times made a successful entry into the commercial capital of India – Mumbai, in July 2005.

HT Media’s Hindi daily, Hindustan, has been growing phenomenally. In addition to high-quality reportage, Hindustan aspires to become an ally to its readers in their quest for success. The ambition for the brand is to become a partner in the progress of the youth across the Hindi belt.

HT Media launched a national business newspaper Mint, in February 2007 with an exclusive agreement with Wall Street Journal to publish Journal-branded news and information in India.

As part of an aggressive growth strategy to build a robust Internet business, Firefly e-ventures was launched as an HT Media company, recognizing the importance of Internet as the most important media vehicle of the future. Firefly portfolio consists of, and runs for jobseekers and employers. The registrations on have crossed 7 million. Firefly also launched an education portal,, the target audience being students graduating from schools and colleges to help them with their decisions regarding higher education.

The group’s news portal, with over 10 million unique visitors and 100 million page views per month, is one of the largest news portals in the country. It has consistently been ranked amongst the top 10 news sites in the world by Forbes and offers in-depth coverage and analysis to its users.

The business news website, covers business and related news in India as well as across the world. is the integrated offering with Mint. It combines the editorial strength of Mint with a best-in-class web interface and a selection of online tools that aid the users to stay abreast with the developments in the business world as well as help them with investments.

As part of its expansion into electronic media, HT Media, in consulting partnership with Virgin Radio, entered the FM radio market in key Indian cities with its channel Fever 104, which has grown to become the No. 2 channel in Delhi in a span of just two years.

The groups business – “Strategic Partnerships” – is dedicated to cater to the advertising needs of growth companies by providing them a cashless form of advertising and building up their brands thereby enhancing the value of the business. This division identifies growth companies and enters into strategic partnerships with them. The overall objective is to create a strategic platform wherein different companies can come together and benefit with the synergies of partnering with each other.

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