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Top 4 Benefits of Virtual Reality in Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

  • HT Media Team
  • June 16th, 2021
A hand holding a tablet, depicting a 3D rendering of a property and foliage.

  Imagine visiting every corner of your potential dream home without even leaving your bed. Today, an increasing number of real estate businesses are embracing Virtual Reality (VR) technology to offer a more realistic, engaging and dynamic house-hunting experience for clients. Virtual tours are empowering consumers to explore a property without the risk of exposure […]

Retail Stores of the Future: 5 Ways 5G Will Revolutionize Customer Experience

  • HT Media Team
  • June 15th, 2021
A hand holding a phone showing fast internet connectivity.

You walk into a grocery store and take out your mobile phone. In the store’s artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled application, you upload your shopping list for the day. Using lightning-fast 5G technology, that list transmits to a nearby mobile edge computing server that maps out the exact locations, stock status and alternatives to your items – […]

4 Potential Impacts of 5G-Enabled Classrooms of Tomorrow

  • HT Media Team
  • June 8th, 2021
A boy wearing a Virtual Reality headset sits in front of a computer.

  In March 2021, when students of North Lanarkshire in Scotland returned to school, they were in for an enormous surprise. They were treated to a unique 360-degree experience of how it feels to float in outer space, dive deep under the ocean and even climb to the peak of Mount Everest – all thanks […]

Extended Reality in Healthcare: Why Medical Marketers Should Be Excited

  • HT Media Team
  • June 4th, 2021
Indoors shot of doctor using virtual reality glasses.

Imagine a sick and elderly patient in a remote village consulting with a renowned medical specialist without ever leaving their home. Or, a medical student practicing surgical techniques at home in a fully virtual setting, rather than in a medical laboratory. These are just two of the endless scenarios made possible by the rising application […]

How Should Insurers Cope with the Rising Demand of the Second Wave?

  • HT Media Team
  • June 2nd, 2021
A clear cup holding some coins and a sprouting plant

Initial Impact on Insurance Providers For the first time since the insurance industry was thrown open to private players around 20 years ago, the COVID-19 pandemic caused health insurance to become the most valuable segment for insurers in terms of premiums collected.   The General Insurance Council revealed that during the first half of 2020 […]