Events & Marketing Solutions

Events and Marketing Solutions

Stand out!

Standing out in today’s cluttered market place is by far the biggest challenge brand marketer’s face.

HT City Crystals

Events and Marketing Solutions

Events and Marketing Solutions were started in Aug 2007. The two divisions have been created to offer clients alternate ways of standing out from the clutter to build meaningful salience for their brands.

HT Events

The primary focus of HT Events is to create IPRs that will grow in size and scale over time – a primary example being the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. In a short time, HT Events has mounted some large scale events like HT City Delhi Shopping Fest, Miss India Worldwide, HT Polo, HT I Love Delhi and Mint HT Luxury Conference.

HT Marketing Solutions

HT Marketing Solutions has been formed to offer holistic solutions to clients aiming for a complete and effective connect with the target consumers. HT Marketing Solutions builds a powerful and appropriate idea for a brand after which  mass media, activation and PR are used to provide an impactful implementation of the core idea.

Fever Entertainment

An integrated media business that ideates and executes large live event properties whose primary objective is to influence young audiences who are not within the reach of conventional media. Having created some of India’s most innovative event properties, it endeavours to establish path-breaking mass engagement projects,  converging media platforms and unifying segmented audiences, under the umbrella of ‘Branded Entertainment’.


World World

World’s Largest Biryani

A record breaking gastronomical fantasy
A feast fit for Kings…

1st March 08, sixty Chefs from across Delhi converged on the grounds of Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium to rustle up 14,060 kgs of vegetarian biryani. This was an attempt to break the Guinness record previously set in Qatar where 8500 kgs of biryani was cooked.

Thus Kohinoor Foods Ltd. in association with HT Media Ltd. successfully cooked their way into the prestigious Guinness book of World Records by preparing the World’s largest biryani in a time period of 10 hours.

The ingredients of the World Record biryani :
500 kg spices
750 kg peeled sliced onions
400 kg tomato paste
750 kg Yoghurt
2000 kg assorted vegetables
3500 kg Kohinoor pure basmati rice
5000 liters water
1200 liters sunflower oil



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