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Known for rich analyses and breaking news, LiveMint has quickly climbed up the ranks on the back of an extremely premium quality content and product. The new product features a unique interface designed for easy on the go read on devices such as the mobile screen. The website is a favourite with investors as well, on the back of the rich and real-time market insights it offers. has over 25 million unique visitors and 70 million pages viewed per month. A sizeable share of the traffic to comes from outside India – visitors from abroad using as their window to business in India.

Source: Comscore MMX Multi-platform Unique Visitors | Geo: India, Dec’20

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Behind the Brand

Vinay Kamat

Vinay Kamat

Editor in Chief

Behind every news, there is a story that needs to be told. With sharp insights, detailed analysis and diverse perspectives, Mint covers the spoken and the unspoken with equal finesse to be your guide in these changing times. Read Mint, because no one unravels the world of business as we do

Prasad Sanyal

Prasad Sanyal

Chief Content Officer

A 20-year industry veteran, Prasad Sanyal, began his career as a television reporter, but is now seldom found outside digital newsrooms. Besides reporting from Jammu and Kashmir, Prasad has headed a TV output desk, a digital news desk, India’s largest English language news website and a cluster of digital assets for a legacy media group.