Fantastic On-Ground Branding Opportunities at the Venue

Raheja Developers recently launched their luxury residential project called "World of Plots" in collaboration with Hindustan Times and SBI. The project aims to provide investment options and future plans to potential buyers. The four-day "1 ka 2" mega sale program was organized to facilitate interactions between Raheja's partners and customers. The program included cultural performances, food and beverage options, a kid zone, and partner recognition and awards given away by celebrity chief guests.

An evening full of entertaining performances

Hindustan Times ensured that the Raheja extravaganza felt like one, by adding captivating performances and dances of different genres, amidst the presence of celebrities.

Multiple touch-points for branding visibility were available at the event​

From real estate event briefing centre, to entertaining performances against the brand logo backdrop, this event was one for the books!

Glimpses of the successful Raheja 1 ka 2 event in reels!