Bespoke IP & Financial Awareness Initiative

How Aditya Birla Capital reached 24 million Indians through HT Media’s bespoke IP Nivesh Mahakumbh with the aim to impart financial and investor awareness


Category: BFSI

Client: Aditya Birla Capital

Solution: Bespoke IP

About Aditya Birla Capital

Aditya Birla Capital is a financial institution dedicated to providing comprehensive and innovative financial solutions to individuals and businesses. The brand offers a range of services, including insurance, asset management, mutual funds and lending.

The Brand Ask


Aditya Birla Capital's legacy of trust and customer-centricity is what sets it apart in the financial landscape and ensures the prosperity of its clients. Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund’s annual investor program was underway, for which, the brand needed a media platform to reach its target audiences.


The objective of the initiative was to make consumers aware of financial planning through mutual funds and other financial instruments and discuss new trends in Indian financial sector. The key focus area was to bring established industry leaders to increase consumers’ financial awareness and share insights effectively.

Watch Nivesh Mahakumbh Live Stream

Nivesh Mahakumbh August edition, held around the Independence Day, focuses on the diverse dimensions of financial freedom concerning different kinds of retail investors.

Our Approach

Our primary objective was to seamlessly organise a bespoke IP featuring industry leaders discussing Financial Planning. Leveraging a user-friendly microsite for streamlined registrations, the strategic collaboration with Hindustan Times elevated the reach and engagement. The result was a successful 3-hour event with a lasting post-event impact. Our targeted email and social media campaigns played a pivotal role in achieving our primary goal: to raise widespread awareness about financial planning, ensuring clear and impactful communication of prudent financial management practices.

Campaign Execution

An exclusive microsite was crafted to serve as the digital hub for the campaign, ensuring effortless registration and an immersive experience for our audience. Prominent industry leaders took the stage, lending their expertise to an engaging hybrid event. Their insights shaped a dynamic discourse, elevating financial awareness and knowledge among participants.


  • The exclusive microsite facilitated seamless registration, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Industry leaders, carefully chosen, enriched discussions, providing valuable insights. Media amplification via Hindustan Times reached a significant audience. Post-event articles summarised key takeaways, prolonging impact.
  • Total reach and impressions surpassed 24 million, illustrating substantial interest and interaction. Online engagement flourished, with over 4.8 million live video views, indicating strong digital participation.
  • Viewer commitment was remarkable, accumulating watch time exceeding 3.5 million hours. Post-event, sustained interest was evident, amassing over 16,000 total video views. Active audience interaction was notable, recording over 6,500 engagements.
  • Strategic email campaigns and social media efforts effectively boosted awareness and registrations. The meticulously crafted 3-hour schedule kept participants engaged. Impressively, the campaign garnered 1.6 million impressions, showcasing extensive reach.


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