Targeted Campaign

Monaco Tourism Campaign, in collaboration with HT One Audience, transformed clicks into adventure with an impressive 0.56% CTR


Client : Monaco Tourism

Category: Travel

Solution: Hyper-targeting using HT One Audience, strategic ad placements

About Monaco Tourism

Tourism is a significant driver of Monaco's economy, and the principality relies heavily on the revenue generated from the tourism industry. Monaco's appeal as a glamorous and luxurious destination, combined with its beautiful Mediterranean setting and a variety of attractions, draws visitors from around the world.

The Brand Ask

The Background

With Monaco's enchanting coastline, scenic harbours, and beautiful architecture, the destination has long been a traveller's favourite and tourism accounts for almost 25% of the country's annual revenue.

The Objective

Monaco Tourism wanted to not only increase brand awareness among specific target groups in India via strategic ad placements, but also improve its brand consideration through higher click-through-rates on their digital ad placements.

Target Group

Monaco Convention Bureau aimed at engaging the upscale audience enthusiastic about international travel and open to exploring new luxury destinations. HT One Audience, with over 50 cohorts spanning various categories, successfully identified Monaco's target audience within segments such as:

HNI Individuals

International Travellers

Luxury Enthusiasts, and Travel Enthusiasts

Straight from the client

Our Approach

Our approach was centred on enhancing the Click-Through Rate (CTR). We executed a comprehensive strategy that entailed optimising both creative content and ensuring compatibility across various devices. The integration of engaging user-interactive formats, such as in-banner videos, substantially elevated CTR.

Measuring What Matters

With strategic ad placements and ongoing campaign refinement, Monaco Tourism achieved a CTR that exceeded the industry average of 0.39%, underscoring our commitment to delivering exceptional performance.


  • The campaign effectively resonated with the target audience, as evidenced by the remarkable outcomes.
  • The overall campaign achieved 7 million impressions with a CTR of 0.56%. The video campaign, featuring both in-banner and YouTube videos, garnered 6 million impressions with a CTR of 0.45%.
  • The campaign yielded impressive results across various audience cohorts, as depicted by the Click Through Rates (CTR):
  • International Travellers: 0.58% Luxury Shoppers: 0.55% Travel Enthusiasts: 0.65% HNI Individuals: 0.62%
  • Through strategic ad placements and ongoing campaign optimization, the team surpassed the industry average CTR of 0.39%*


Let's dive deep into the result data

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Optimisation at both creative and technical levels

Optimisation at both creative and technical levels

By strategically placing ads and consistently optimising the campaign, the team achieved a CTR exceeding the industry average of 0.39%*

Utilising user-interactive creative formats

Utilising user-interactive creative formats

The video campaign achieved 6 million impressions with a 0.45% CTR, resonating impressively with varied audience cohorts.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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