How a leading tech MNC ran a Unified Workforce Campaign and reached 8.58 million people through LiveMint


Category: IT / IT-ES

Client: Leading Tech MNC

Solution: Microsite, Articles, Infographics & Video Series


Tech companies all over the world have struggled and spent millions of dollars to keep cyber attacks at bay. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic further intensified this struggle, as the majority of employees transitioned to remote work. Ensuring organisational productivity using comprehensive solutions was the need of the hour. The client company who had built a productivity solution wanted to reach out to its target audience through a digital campaign aimed at building brand awareness.

The Brand Ask


The client aimed to reach its desired target group, largely, B2B audiences, on the right platform, with relevant messaging, with their solutions built for organisational productivity. They wanted to also educate and inform the audience, while building trust for their brand.


The tech company, in collaboration with another two tech solutioning companies, had built a comprehensive B2B solution to help increase organisational productivity and efficiency. The campaign objective was to build awareness of this comprehensive B2B solution amongst its target group.

Target Group

The leading tech company wanted to reach out to largely B2B audiences such as IT/ ITDM CXOs, CIOs, Director, VPs and Mid-Senior level IT managers.

IT / Tech Decision Makers / Managers

CXOs, CIOs, Director, VPs

Mid-Senior level IT managers

Our Approach

The LiveMint and HT Media teams planned and strategised the tech company’s campaign by developing a microsite which was hosted on LiveMint with informative articles, videos and infographics. Placeholders and display banners were also placed on the LiveMint platform to maximise and amplify the campaign. An email marketing campaign was also executed to the LiveMint’s database.


  • The campaign’s native placeholder garnered 8.58 million impressions, with total video views at 17,93,398 and total page views at 4,98,475.
  • The campaign banner garnered 2.62 mil impressions witnessing a CTR of 0.41 % with 293 Total Downloads; and 403 Total responses.
  • The Email campaign was sent to an audience size of 1.73 lacs resulting in a 7.2% open rate for the client tech MNC.

Impact Highlights

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