Thought Leadership Campaign

How an MNC IT Services & Consulting drove brand awareness to engage customers & enhance brand recall value


Client: An MNC IT Services & Consulting

Category: Information Technology; SaaS

Solution: Thought Leadership Campaign

About the Collaboration

The software development industry faces challenges in meeting the demand for innovative solutions and cybersecurity. The client aims to showcase expertise in this landscape. HT Media Group's campaign positions the client as a leader, utilising multi-media promotion to highlight innovative solutions and thought leadership, reaching a wide audience effectively.

The Brand Ask

Industry Overview

In the 'Age of the Customer,' consumers now hold significant sway in the marketplace, thanks to the transformative impact of the Internet. The digital era has empowered individuals to demand quick, personalized, and effective services, and failing to meet these expectations can lead them to swiftly switch to competitors. To address these challenges, Artificial Intelligence (AI), through chatbots and virtual agents, provides a scalable and efficient solution, allowing companies to deliver personalized and consistent customer service without straining budgets or support teams.

Client's Objective

The client aimed to generate more brand awareness for itself, particularly for a new AI-powered product, a sophisticated AI-powered chatbot that helps consumer-facing brands keep their customers engaged 24x7, without the need for human intervention.

Campaign Execution

Mint devised a carefully curated thought leadership campaign by hosting a microsite for the brand on the main Mint website. The microsite contained content about the brand and the newly launched product, along with branded content in the form of stories, articles and infographics and webinars which reinforced the brand voice.


  • Impressive Engagement: The microsite hosted on Mint garnered 161,964 page views, indicating strong audience interest and engagement.
  • Extensive Reach: The campaign achieved a broad social reach, reaching 747,956 individuals, and amplifying awareness of the Client's AI-powered customer engagement platform.
  • Video Engagement: Accompanying videos received notable attention with 120,000 views, demonstrating effective content consumption and engagement.
  • Overall, the collaboration with HT Media proved highly successful in achieving the Client's objective of driving awareness and engagement for their AI-powered customer engagement platform.


Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Effective Collaboration

Effective Collaboration

Collaborating with business centric platforms such as Mint can significantly enhance brand visibility and engagement, showcasing the effectiveness of leveraging media partnerships.

Video Content Impact

Video Content Impact

Integrating video content into campaigns can yield substantial engagement, capturing audience attention and conveying complex information effectively.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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