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How achieved a higher than average CTR through hypertargeting with the help of HT One Audience


Client: IGP

Category: Ecommerce

Solution: HT One Audience

About IGP, formerly, is India's largest multi-category gifting company, aspiring to establish an enhanced gifting ecosystem for a seamless and delightful experience. With a global presence, IGP serves customers in 100+ countries. Pioneering India's first Gift Discovery platform, IGP is the exclusive partner of Interflora. Headquartered in Mumbai, with over 300 employees across India, Singapore, and California, IGP achieved FY 2020 revenues exceeding US$30 million, earning recognition as one of India's fastest-growing companies.

Tackling the Challenge


In the recent Raksha Bandhan season, IGP wished to establish itself as the one-stop solution for all festive gifting needs of women. Recognising the significance of this festive occasion, IGP sought to overcome the hurdle of effectively reaching and resonating with their target audience—sisters nationwide, or women of age group 25-40 years.

Objective & Idea

IGP's goal was clear: spotlight their carefully curated gifts, emotionally connecting with women aged 25-40 nationwide. Partnering with HT One Audience was pivotal, navigating modern marketing complexities to make their unique offerings stand out during Raksha Bandhan. This move aimed to deepen customer bonds, reinforcing IGP as the go-to destination for heartfelt gifts amidst festive noise.

Target Audience

The younger generation of women are expressive and nurturing, who believe in finding the choicest gifts for their loved ones, as they believe gift-giving to be a means to establish deeper connections. They are thus the ideal target audience for an occasion such as Raksha Bandhan.

25–40-year-old Women

IGP is all praise for HT One Audience

Our Approach

HT One Audience, serving as HT Media's advanced Customer Data Platform (CDP), leverages the expansive reach of precisely targeted audiences across a diverse array of platforms, encompassing 20 genres and sub-brands within the HT Media ecosystem. This sophisticated marketing tool empowers marketers to elevate the precision of their display campaigns, resulting in heightened Return on Investment (ROI). Operating within a private, secure environment, HT One Audience ensures an elevated level of data safety. Notably, all HT One Audience segments are Nielsen-verified, further underscoring the tool's sophistication and reliability.

Campaign Execution

HT One Audience leveraged its consumer-rich data sourced from 20+ HT Media platforms to target the most desired audience cohorts by IGP. Display banner ads of IGP, encouraging women to gift Rakhis nearing the Raksha Bandhan season, ran for 10 days across the Mint, Hindustan Times and Hindustan websites and mobile apps, to garner over 4 million impressions and a higher-than-average click-through-rate. IGP’s curated Rakhi-gifting collections reached its ideal audiences.


  • IGP managed to launch its marketing campaign in a time sensitive manner, leading up to the festival of Raksha Bandhan.
  • The display banner ads had clear and concise messaging to encourage the desired target group to click on.
  • The desired target audience of younger women in the 25-40 years of age, were reached successfully.
  • The CTR was more than the industry average, a whopping 14,014 clicks, that is 0.35% of 4 million impressions.


Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Navigating Success with Precision

Navigating Success with Precision

This strategic collaboration serves as compelling evidence that digital-to-consumer brands possess the capacity to augment their revenue streams and extend their market reach by employing sophisticated hypertargeting methodologies for niche product offerings.

Timely Roll Out of Campaigns is key

Timely Roll Out of Campaigns is key

Our approach to run display banner ads repeatedly up to the occasion of Raksha Bandan ensured optimal reaction response time from IGP's target audience.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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