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Joining Forces for Success: How a leading consumer electronics brand generated high-quality leads on Republic Day


Category:: Consumer Electronics

Brand:: Leading Consumer Electronics Brand

Solution:: Targeted Digital Campaign using HT One Audience

Industry Background

Within India's consumer durables industry, dynamic shifts in consumer preferences and technological advancements are reshaping the landscape. With a burgeoning middle class and a focus on quality living, businesses have a prime opportunity for growth. Our case study explores how our targeted digital campaigns through HT One Audience support industry players with strategic ad placements and targeted campaigns, empowering them to navigate this evolving market and enhance their market presence.

The Brand Ask

Brand Context

An India-based leading consumer electronics brand had launched a Republic Day campaign with exciting discounts and promotions on their products. The brand wanted to reach out to its target audience groups digitally to promote the Republic Day offers and drive sales.

Campaign Goals

The consumer electronics brand wanted to reach its target audiences digitally during the Republic Day campaign to generate leads and revenue and boost its sales. The campaign was aimed at highlighting the exciting discounts and promotions available during the Republic Day celebration.

Our Approach

The HT One Audience team executed a comprehensive strategy to optimise at both creative and device level, resulting in exceptional performance through strategic ad placements and regular campaign optimisation.


  • The campaign garnered 10 million impressions, 11,000 visitors to the landing page and generated 42 leads boosting the sales for the consumer electronics brand and provided an unparalleled shopping experience during the celebration.
  • CAMPAIGN INNOVATION & IMPACT: The client brand collaborated with Hindustan Times to drive traffic to its landing page, and received 4X leads than the committed target.
  • These leads were potential customers who expressed their interest in purchasing the brand’s products during the Republic Day sale. The campaign on HT Media Digital Network resonated effectively with the audience, as demonstrated by the outstanding results.
  • LEVERAGING THE POWER OF HT One Audience: The consumer electronics brand gained complete visibility of user journey, from ad clicks on HT Media platform pages to lead conversions on sale’s landing page, enabling effective engagement with users at various stages of the funnel through targeted messages that resonated with the target group’s interests and needs, while also ensuring user privacy.

Impact Highlights

Insights & Key Takeaways

Optimised campaigns drive results

Optimised campaigns drive results

To make the most impact, the digital display ads were optimised by experimenting and testing with placements at different sections / levels of the webpage both on the creative level and device level.

Strategic placements deliver high-impact

Strategic placements deliver high-impact

Through strategic placements based on experimenting through campaign optimisation, the campaign lead to a phenomenal response.

Engagment across funnel is key to boost sales

Engagment across funnel is key to boost sales

Effectively engaging with users / customers at every stage of the marketing funnel with relatable messaging can drive lead and revenue generation.

Insights & Key Takeaways

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