Targeted Digital Campaign

How a leading aviation academy partnered with HT One Audience to engage its target demographic, boost brand visibility, and attract potential candidates effectively


Client: A Leading Aviation Academy

Category: Commercial Aviation

Solution: HT One Audience

About the Collaboration

The partnership between the client and HT One Audience, HT Media's cutting-edge First Party Targeting solution, utilizes profiles from over 140 million users across 20+ platforms. This collaboration facilitates the precise delivery of customized messages, enhancing targeting for display campaigns and optimizing ROI while prioritizing user privacy. As a prominent aviation academy in Patna, Bihar, the client targeted a specific niche audience to inform them about their latest programs and academic offerings. They opted to collaborate with HT One Audience to ensure relevant messaging reached their ideal audience effectively.

The Brand Ask

About the Industry

The aviation academy industry is rapidly evolving due to technological advancements like VR, AR, and advanced simulators, improving training and cost-efficiency. Sustainability is a growing priority, with academies integrating eco-friendly practices and promoting fuel-efficient flying techniques. With increasing global demand for skilled aviation professionals, academies are expanding training capacity and developing innovative programs to attract talent. Moreover, there's a rising focus on diversity and inclusion, encouraging women and underrepresented groups to pursue aviation careers. Overall, aviation academies are adapting to industry demands, poised to influence the future of air travel while fostering a diverse and skilled workforce.

The Client's Requirement

The client's primary goal was to effectively inform its target audience about its new programs and courses, emphasizing brand awareness. Using carefully crafted messaging and advanced targeting, they aimed to attract the right talent by showcasing their unique offerings. This strategic marketing approach aimed to not only engage the intended audience but also position the client as a leader in educational innovation. Ultimately, they sought to become the top choice for aspiring talents seeking exceptional educational opportunities.

Target Audience

The client aimed to reach the ideal niche for its campaign, that is urban women in the 18-25 years of age bracket.

Young Women
18-25 years

Urban Women

Campaign Execution

The HT Media team orchestrated a meticulously crafted strategy to deploy digital display banner ads and run-on-site (ROS) banner ads across the Livehindustan website and app, the undisputed leader in the print news sector, across the state of Bihar. Leveraging the unparalleled reach of the platform, our campaign was meticulously optimised at both creative and device levels, utilising deep-level profiling facilitated by HT One Audience. The campaign ran for about 10 days continuously, and achieved an impressive 0.3 Million impressions, with a massive 0.78% click-through rate (CTR). Through strategic ad placements and continuous campaign refinement, we garnered an exceptional response from our target audience, affirming the effectiveness of our approach.


  • This HT One Audience campaign achieved the desired results for the client.
  • The campaign constituted of run-on-site display ads, that ran on the Livehindustan website for ten days.
  • The ads received an impressive 0.3 Million impressions.
  • The campaign reached its relevant audience, as it also achieved a 0.78% of CTR.