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How a leading automobiles brand reached auto fans in 100 Indian cities and garnered an overall CTR of 0.40%


Category: Automobiles

Brand: Leading Brand

Solution: Targeted Digital Display Campaign with HT One Audience

Industry Background

In the dynamic landscape of India's auto industry, propelled by rising incomes and urbanisation, our publishing media house serves as a strategic partner for automotive businesses. Our case study explores how precision geo and audience targeting techniques using HT One Audience can empower auto industry players to navigate market trends and reach a diverse consumer base, contributing to their success in this competitive sector.

The Brand Ask

Brand Context

A leading automobile brand in India had recently launched a new four-wheeler hybrid model. The brand wanted to launch this new model in India while targeting 100 cities.

Campaign Goals

The automobile brand wanted to run a campaign aimed at certain specific audiences in 100 cities focusing on the new model’s key features, fuel efficiency, top-notch engine quality and a wide range of hybrid variants.

Target Audience Cohorts

The automobiles brand wanted to engage a diverse range of audiences, including family travellers, frequent travellers, leisure travellers, hybrid enthusiasts, auto enthusiasts, technophiles, EV intenders, and high-net worth Individuals, for their new four-wheeler model. HT One Audience with 50+ cohorts across categories found the perfect match of brand’s TG in cohorts including: Travel Buffs, Auto Enthusiasts, HNIs, EV Enthusiasts, Family & Parenting Cohort

Auto Enthusiasts

Travel Buffs


EV Enthusiasts

Family & Parenting

Our Approach

The HT One Audience team identified the most relevant audience cohorts for interest-based targeting and combined it with precision geo targeting across 100 cities. The digital display ads were strategically placed to effectively reach the intended audience and maximise the impact metrics.


  • The overall campaign demonstrated outstanding results and garnered 7 million impressions with a click-through-rate of 0.40% across 100 cities in India.
  • Among all the targeted audience cohorts, the Travel Buffs cohort garnered a CTR of 0.50%, the Auto Enthusiasts cohort saw a CTR of 0.48%, and the HNIs cohort achieved a CTR of 0.45%.
  • The EV enthusiasts cohort witnessed a 0.38% CTR and the Family & Parenting cohort garnered 0.35% CTR.

Impact Highlights

Deep Dive into Results
Targeted Cohorts CTR

The click-through-rate of each targeted cohort across 100 cities.

Targeted Cohorts CTR

The click-through-rate of each targeted cohort across 100 cities.

Insights & Key Takeaways

Optimised campaigns drive results

Optimised campaigns drive results

To make the most impact, the digital display ads were optimised by experimenting and testing with placements at different sections / levels of the webpage both on the creative level and device level, resulting in an outstanding performance.

Precision Geo & Audience targeting techniques drive campaign success.

Precision Geo & Audience targeting techniques drive campaign success.

Precision geo-targeting and audience targeting techniques were strategically employed to effectively reach the intended audience across 100 cities, ensuring the campaign's success was maximised.

Insights & Key Takeaways

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