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How HT One Audience Catapulted Sales for a Leading Automobile Company


Client: A Leading Automobile Company

Category: Multinational Automobile Manufacturer

Solution: Hyper Targeted Digital Banner Ads

About the Collaboration

A leading multinational automobile manufacturer collaborated with HT One Audience, to generate buzz and consequently find leads for its brand, through hyper-targeted digital banner ads, that resonated very well with their target group. HT One Audience, HT Media's cutting-edge First Party Targeting solution, ensures precision for marketers by leveraging profiles of 140 million users across 20+ platforms. This synergy allows direct delivery of relevant messaging, enhancing display campaign targeting and ROI in a privacy-safe environment. Committed to a comprehensive Customer Data Platform solution, HT Media empowers marketers.

The Brand Ask

Industry Overview

The pandemic had a drastic impact over the automobile industry, in terms of shortage of demand, low production recovery, supply chain issues. Due to these factors, automobile manufacturers required to pivot their sales strategies, take up newer forms of advertising & reach their TG, on new media platforms, as opposed to conventional advertising methods.

Campaign Objective

The fundamental aim of the client was to boost sales of their cars. This was achieved by smart and strategic ad placements at device and audience selection levels by the HT One Audience solution. This sophisticated solution can reach select cohorts of audience on diverse HT digital platforms, and ensure a higher than industry average CTR.

Target Audience

The automobile brand aimed at targeting auto enthusiasts, young working professionals and luxury car purchase intenders. This group was reached successfully, pan India.

Auto Enthusiasts

Young Working Professionals

Luxury Car Purchase Intenders

Campaign Execution

HT Media created a pan-India, comprehensive marketing campaign for the client. The automobile brand effectively reached its target audience with relevant messaging and repeated digital display ads. This led to a phenomenal response, a higher than industry average CTR. Both at a creative & device level, the brand ultimately received 40 sales qualified leads, through this campaign!


  • The comprehensive campaign garnered over 10 million impressions, running over many days, pan-India.
  • It received over 36,000 clicks from interested parties.
  • This led to a phenomenal click through rate, as high as 0.43%.
  • In effect, the campaign provided 40 leads for the client.


Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Automobile Industry must recalibrate their Marketing Strategies

Automobile Industry must recalibrate their Marketing Strategies

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the automobile industry faces the imperative to recalibrate its sales and marketing strategies. Adapting to the evolving consumer landscape, industry players must explore novel platforms for advertising and marketing to resonate with a changed customer behavior.

Staying Relevant with Messaging

Staying Relevant with Messaging

Remaining pertinent in the post-pandemic era necessitates a strategic overhaul of messaging and advertising platforms within the automotive industry. Precision in targeting the audience through data-driven approaches becomes indispensable for maintaining relevance and effectiveness in the evolving market landscape.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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