How a premier auto brand saw an uplift of 1.7X in CTR with HT Media’s Targeted Run-of-Screen Ads


Category:: Automobiles

Brand: : Premium automobiles brand

Solution: : Targeted ROS Ads

Industry Background

The luxury auto market in India has experienced significant growth in recently driven by rising disposable incomes and a growing appetite for premium brands. Renowned for superior craftsmanship, advanced technology, and unparalleled comfort, luxury auto brands have successfully carved a niche among affluent consumers. This burgeoning demand is further fueled by an increasing number of high-net-worth individuals and a growing trend of aspirational purchases.

The Brand Ask


A leading automotive brand launched its new luxury sport utility vehicle (SUV) in India. Renowned for its opulent features and exceptional safety standards, the brand is a prominent player in the luxury car market. To effectively target potential high-end customers, the brand partnered with HT One Audience, leveraging a targeted display campaign aimed at reaching the in-market luxury audience.

Campaign Goal

To launch a new luxury SUV, a premium auto brand ran a campaign using HT One Audience's ROS display ads. The campaign aimed to boost brand awareness and drive conversions among a targeted audience of potential high-value buyers.

Target Audience

The campaign targeted high-net-worth individuals (HNIs), luxury auto owners, and C-suite executives in 18+ metro cities across India.


Luxury Auto Owners

C-Suite Executives

Our Approach

Niche audience targeting strategies were deployed to highlight the premium features of the model with a prime focus on C-suite, HNIs and other luxury car audiences. The placement of the display advertisement was optimised at different levels and sections to ensure effectiveness. Multiple creative variations were tested on the TO.


  • Run-on-schedule display ad format was used to get the best results across multiple devices.
  • The Auto industry’s average CTR for digital ads is 0.20% while the premier auto brand’s targeted campaign on HT Media’s digital channels witnessed 0.33% CTR.
  • HT One Audience’s targeting efforts and creative optimisation led the campaign to achieve 1.7X increase in CTR (as compared to the industry average)
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