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How a leading computer hardware company promoted their fast processor series to achieve a high CTR using HT One Audience


Client: A leading computer hardware company

Category: Computer Hardware, Semiconductors, GPUs

Solution: Hyper Targeted Digital Banner Ads

About the Collaboration

The client collaborated with HT One Audience, HT Media's cutting-edge First Party Targeting solution, which ensures precision for marketers by leveraging profiles of 140 million users across 20+ platforms. This synergy allows direct delivery of relevant messaging, enhancing display campaign targeting and ROI in a privacy-safe environment. The computer hardware company aimed at promoting their new series of fast processors for business, which bring in new architecture, new features and new experiences that accelerate productivity, enhance collaboration and inspire creativity for professional laptop users.

The Brand Ask

Industry Challenge

In a highly competitive industry such as computer hardware, GPUs, semiconductor manufacturing, companies struggle to achieve an edge above the rest, especially when it comes to product differentiation. In this case, what helps is a defined marketing strategy with precise messaging.

Client's Requirement

The computer hardware company aimed to promote its new series of fast processors for business, by reaching the right audiences accurately.

Target Audience

The brand requested the following cohorts to be targeted in the campaign. They were looking to reach professional laptop users, in the B2B bucket, top management executives, IT Decision Makers, SMEs owners. Please note that all HT One Audience cohorts are Nielsen verified.

B2B Audience

Top Management Executives

IT Decision Makers

SME / MSME Audience

CTR Comparison between HT One Audience & B2B Industry Average

The HT One Audience Solutions team created a comprehensive marketing strategy, encompassing the various platforms available to them under the HT Media umbrella. They came up with precise selection and targeting of cohorts. With relevant messaging and accurate audience reach, the campaign surpassed the B2B industry average of 0.46% CTR, and achieved a significantly higher 0.64% CTR.

[Source: HT One Audience Campaign Data]

Campaign Execution

The HT One Audience team meticulously crafted a foolproof campaign strategy, consistently optimizing it at both the creative and device levels. Employing interactive ad formats such as video ads and sectional sponsorships, the campaign demonstrated a remarkable impact by substantially elevating user engagement. Through ongoing fine-tuning and strategic adjustments, the team ensured that the campaign resonated effectively, capturing the audience's attention. Here are cohort-wise achieved click-through-rates post the campaign.

[Source: HT One Audience Campaign Data]


  • The campaign garnered over 11 Million impressions across chosen HT Media platforms.
  • It received a noteworthy 0.64% click-through-rate.
  • IT professionals were the most engaged cohort of audience, with a massive 0.69% CTR.
  • The least engaged group, but not much far behind was the B2B audience section.


[Source: HT One Audience Campaign Data]

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

The computer hardware industry undergoes a dual transformation, integrating AI into components for enhanced performance in traditional and emerging devices like edge computing and IoT.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

In an era of information overload & limited attention spans among audience, the key is to identify precise audience for products. Reaching the right audience with relevant messaging makes all the difference.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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