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How a leading financial services company heightened interest in its mutual fund offering by partnering with HT One Audience


Client: A leading financial services company

Category: Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC)

Solution: Hyper Targeted Digital Banner Ads

About the Collaboration

A leading financial company in the NBFC sector turned to HT One Audience, HT Media's cutting-edge solution for hyper-targetted campaigns, to create buzz and interest for their mutual fund offering among the desired target group. HT One Audience ensures precision for marketers by leveraging profiles of 140 million users across 20+ platforms. This synergy allows direct delivery of relevant messaging, enhancing display campaign targeting and ROI in a privacy-safe environment. With the right messaging and reach, the campaign turned out to be one for the books.

The Brand Ask

Industry Challenge

In the Mutual Fund sector, heightened competition has turned the landscape into a saturated red ocean, challenging companies to forge a unique identity and convey an authentic narrative for customer loyalty. Navigating this competitive terrain requires not only differentiation but also a nuanced understanding of the language that resonates with the discerning target demographic.

What the brand intended

The NBFC company aspired to cultivate intrigue and captivate the attention of their intended target demographic for their mutual fund product offering. Subsequently, achieving precision in reaching the pertinent audience consistently, while delivering contextually relevant messaging, emerged as a critical imperative. The objective was to stimulate interest substantially and prompt engagement, ensuring a resounding impact that spurred audience responsiveness and elicited desired actions such as clicking.

Target Audience

For the mutual fund campaign, the client requested the following cohorts of audience: avid investors, C-Suite professionals, Long Term Goal Based Investors, Mutual Fund Investors, Middle Management and Young Professionals with some disposable income to invest. All HT One Audience cohorts are Nielsen verified.

Avid Investors

C-Suite Professionals

Long Term Goal Based Investors

Mutual Fund Investors

Middle Management

Young Professionals

Campaign Execution

HT One Audience targeted very precise cohorts, with high levels of interest in the mutual funds space. A defined strategy was used at a device and creative level, to ensure optimal impact. With precise ad placements and regular campaign optimization, the campaign achieved 0.5% CTR. Here are the top performing cohorts, reached by HT One Audience. [Source: HT One Audience Campaign Data]


  • The overall campaign achieved a 0.5% CTR.
  • The highest click through rate was among the investment enthusiasts cohort, followed by high net worth individuals, and top management executives.
  • A device level strategy helped achieve these exceptional results.
  • [Source: HT One Audience Campaign Data]


[Source: HT One Audience Campaign Data]

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Industry Insights

Industry Insights

With a highly competitive market, with companies trying to reach both avid investors and young professionals alike, rising inflation and little to no investible income, it is a challenge to strike a chord with the right audience.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

For all mutual fund companies, it is imperative to refresh their brand voice and narratives, to reach the new age investors and yet make relevant arguments to gain avid investors as customers.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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