Targeted Digital Campaign

How a leading finance startup drove sign-ups and engagement by partnering with HT One Audience


Category: BFSI

Brand: Leading Finance Startup

Solution: Targeted Audience Engagement using HT One Audience

Industry Background

A leading financial company in the NBFC sector turned to HT One Audience, HT Media's cutting-edge solution for hyper-targetted campaigns, to create buzz and interest for their mutual fund offering among the desired target group. HT One Audience ensures precision for marketers by leveraging profiles of 140 million users across 20+ platforms. This synergy allows direct delivery of relevant messaging, enhancing display campaign targeting and ROI in a privacy-safe environment. With the right messaging and reach, the campaign turned out to be one for the books.

The Brand Ask


The client company runs a digital platform offering high-yield alternative fixed-income investment opportunities. It provides seamless access to modern-day investments, presenting exclusive and curated opportunities across diverse fixed-income product categories.

Campaign Goal

The NBFC company aspired to cultivate intrigue and captivate the attention of their intended target demographic for their mutual fund product offering. Subsequently, achieving precision in reaching the pertinent audience consistently, while delivering contextually relevant messaging, emerged as a critical imperative. The objective was to stimulate interest substantially and prompt engagement, ensuring a resounding impact that spurred audience responsiveness and elicited desired actions such as clicking.

Target Audience

By partnering with HT One Audience, the client effectively reached its target demographic of working professionals, stock traders, and investors. This audience-targeting tool and customer data platform, developed by HT Media Group, enabled precise engagement with a financially savvy and influential segment, ensuring optimal ad performance and relevance.

Working professionals


Stock Traders

Approach & Results

  • The campaign ran on both desktop and mobile platforms using organic traffic. Despite a smaller scale, engagement was higher due to loyal users engaging with multiple articles.
  • By combining audience targeting and contextual marketing, the campaign achieved 30 signups.
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