Targeted Digital Campaign

How one of the world's largest tech giants increased their brand awareness & purchase intent using HT Media Digital Ads


Client: A leading tech giant company

Category: Multinational Tech Company

Solution: Hyper Targeted Digital Banner Ads

About the Collaboration

HT One Audience, HT Media's cutting-edge First Party Targeting solution, ensures precision for marketers by leveraging profiles of 140 million users across 20+ platforms. This synergy allows direct delivery of relevant messaging, enhancing display campaign targeting and ROI in a privacy-safe environment. Committed to a comprehensive Customer Data Platform solution, HT Media empowers marketers. As a multinational technology company headquartered in Mountain View, California, it has diversified into online advertising, cloud computing, software development, and hardware production. Renowned for innovation and a commitment to sustainability, it continues to shape the future of technology and information dissemination. It used the HT One Audience targeting solution to enhance its brand awareness among the desired target group.

Tackling the Challenge

Tech Industry Faces Lack of Brand Awareness

In the contemporary and fiercely competitive tech industry, standing out amidst the crowded landscape poses a formidable challenge. Establishing a distinctive and trustworthy brand image demands innovative strategies to capture the attention and trust of consumers. As the market becomes more saturated, companies must navigate through intense competition, emphasizing differentiation, transparent communication, and a commitment to building lasting trust with their audience.

Campaign Objective

The strategic campaign sought to elevate the client's brand metrics through the implementation of precision-driven digital display ads. Leveraging HT One Audience, HT Media's sophisticated Customer Data Platform, the initiative meticulously honed in on the specific cohorts of the audience, ensuring a refined and accurate targeting approach. This data-driven methodology, anchored in the precision of HT One Audience's highly accurate database, epitomized a nuanced strategy tailored to resonate with the desired target groups, amplifying the impact of the brand enhancement endeavour.

Target Audience

This digital ads campaign ran for a considerable amount of time, aimed to target technology enthusiasts, high-end tech intenders, B2B audiences, BFSI Industry, banking professionals, financial advisors, Mutual Funds Investors, Loan Seekers, Insurance Seekers, Avid Investors and Working Professionals.

Technology Enthusiasts, tech bloggers, high-end tech intenders

Business to Business audiences, looking to liaise with the client

BFSI Industry, Banking professionals, fintech companies

Our Approach

HT One Audience helped the tech giant run hyper targeted campaigns across their desired TG, on HT Media digital platforms, in the form of advertisements. The tech giant reportedly witnessed an impressive spike in brand awareness, brand visibility and purchase intent. Here's a visual representation of the impact the campaign had on the controlled segment versus the exposed segment, with regards to 'aided awareness', 'online ads awareness', 'consideration' and 'purchase intent'.


  • This campaign garnered a massive spike in the client's brand metrics, meeting the original campaign objective, rendering it a successful campaign.
  • The brand witnessed a spike in 'aided awareness', 'online ads awareness', 'consideration' and 'purchase intent'.
  • Brand awareness increased by 16 percentage points and purchase intent by 8 percentage points.


HT Media x Tech Giant Case Study Results

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Tech Giants Must Regularly Work on their Brand Image

Tech Giants Must Regularly Work on their Brand Image

Trust in tech relies on a positive brand image for consumers, clients, and stakeholders. Adaptability and innovation give tech giants a competitive edge, while a strong brand aids crisis management, decision-making, talent attraction, global expansion, compliance, and long-term viability.

Brand Awareness Is Effectively Enhanced with Hyper Targeting

Brand Awareness Is Effectively Enhanced with Hyper Targeting

Even a tech giant, with its size can enhance its brand metrics by effectively targeting the right target audience, at the right platform, thereby enhancing purchase intent and consequently revenue.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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