Market Share Increment

How India's Foremost Hair Care Brand Achieved Market Share Growth and Exceeded KPIs with HT Media


Client: India's Foremost Hair Care Brand

Category: FMCG

Solution: Integrated Marketing Program

About the Collaboration

The hair care industry in India is highly competitive, with a wide variety of products available to meet the needs of different consumers. Our client, a leading haircare brand, wanted to strengthen its position in the mass brand segment, specifically targeting the Indian market. To achieve this goal, HT Media designed a well-thought-out campaign aimed to increase brand visibility and gain more market share.

The Brand Ask

Industry Overview

India's hair care industry is fairly saturated, with a diverse range of products aligned with changing consumer preferences. Players in this space face intense competition from local and international brands and need innovative strategies to differentiate their offerings and capture consumer attention in the crowded market.

Client Objective

The client targets the Indian consumer base and aims to establish itself as a thought leader. They plan to showcase their commitment to innovation, quality, and consumer satisfaction through strategic initiatives. HT Media Group collaborated with the client to devise a 16-week integrated marketing program.

Target Audience

Women Above 35

Men Above 35

Our Approach

In collaboration with the client, the HT Media Group devised a strategy to enhance the market share for the client. Prioritising consumer engagement, HT Media carried out on-ground activations such as beauty vans for hair colouring trials, Nukkad Nataks (street plays) for brand awareness, and the Mystery Shopper experience. These efforts were further amplified with branded content across print, radio, and digital platforms bolstered visibility and engagement.

Campaign Execution

Our 16-week integrated marketing program across print, digital, radio, and on-ground activations, backed by radio contests, RJ visits, and Anokhi club activations, delivered impactful results against KPIs. Pre-campaign market share at 9.5% surged to 11% post-campaign, demonstrating our initiatives' tangible impact on the client’s market share growth. Combining on-ground activations and content dissemination across media channels, we positioned the client's brand as a leader in the mass hair care segment.


  • The influencer campaign achieved significant engagement across various platforms.
  • The market share of the client's brand in the mass hair care segment stood at 9.5% before the campaign initiation.
  • Following the 16-week integrated marketing program, the client's market share significantly increased to 11%, indicating a notable growth in market presence and consumer preference.
  • On-ground activations such as Beauty Vans, Nukkad Natak, and Mystery Shopper initiatives facilitated direct consumer interaction, creating memorable brand experiences and strengthening brand perception.
  • The branded content series distributed across print, radio, and digital platforms contributed to widespread brand visibility and engagement.
  • The campaign's success in increasing the client's market share from 9.5% to 11% post-campaign exemplifies the effectiveness of the integrated marketing approach and highlights the positive impact on brand perception and consumer preference.


Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Consumer-Centric Engagement

Consumer-Centric Engagement

Experiential marketing tactics like beauty vans and mystery shopper programs boost customer engagement. Prioritizing customer-focused initiatives that resonate with the target audience fosters brand loyalty.

Integrated Approach for Market Expansion

Integrated Approach for Market Expansion

Combining print, digital, radio, and on-ground initiatives increased the client's mass hair care market share. Employing a comprehensive marketing strategy is essential to achieve maximum brand reach and engagement.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways