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How a leading tech company became a thought leader in advancing manufacturing industry's digital future with Mint


Client: A Leading Technology Company

Category: Infrastructure Technology

Solution: Strategic Thought Leadership Campaigns, Enhanced Brand Visibility

About the Collaboration

Currently, India's manufacturing industry is facing challenges due to outdated infrastructure, regulations, and skill gaps. India must embrace Industry 4.0 by adopting smart technologies to optimize quality, productivity, speed, and efficiency. This strategic move is crucial for gaining a competitive edge in cost and innovation. Manufacturers have already begun their digitalization journey, starting with a forward-looking vision that leads into the Future of Manufacturing. To pioneer the industry's digital future, a tech company partnered with the HT Media Group. The collaboration resulted in a focus on efficiency, competitiveness, and innovation to position the client as a leader in digitalising manufacturing.

The Brand Ask

Industry Overview

The manufacturing sector is in the midst of a major shift known as Industry 4.0, where the physical and digital worlds come together. Despite exciting progress, the industry faces challenges. Nearly half (48%) of manufacturing leaders feel unprepared for the digital revolution. As we move towards a future where a quarter of the global economy is digital by 2020, quick adaptation and innovation are essential to tackle these hurdles.

Client Objective

The objective of the client was to become a leader in the manufacturing sector by showcasing advanced automation and digitalization solutions. Collaboration with HT Media emphasizes on energy efficiency, sustainability, and world-class quality in cement production. The main goal was to establish themselves as innovators in the industry while being recognized for their environmental responsibility.

Campaign Execution

Mint's Future of Manufacturing campaign was featured on a microsite hosted on the main Livemint website, which featured four branded content articles, one infographic, and some videos. A live Facebook session enhanced authenticity and interaction with the interested audience. The campaign consolidated the company's position as a pioneer in the future of manufacturing, while the live session provided direct insights for a personalised and engaging experience.


  • The campaign achieved notable success, effectively resonating with the audience and making a lasting impression.
  • The dedicated microsite garnered significant attention with 326,771 page views.
  • The campaign achieved an extensive social reach, connecting with 1,723,765 individuals across various platforms.
  • The compelling video content attracted a substantial audience, accumulating 200,000 views.
  • The live session on Facebook facilitated real-time engagement, fostering interaction with the audience.
  • Through four impactful stories and an insightful infographic, the campaign effectively communicated the leading tech company's vision for the Future of Manufacturing.


Key Takeaways

A Dedicated Microsite is Ideal for Thought Leadership Content

A Dedicated Microsite is Ideal for Thought Leadership Content

Dedicated microsites on reputable news platforms like Mint can elevate the brand image and control the narrative. Trusted platforms build credibility and communicate to a wider audience, presenting brands in the best light

Choosing the Right Platform for Marketing is Essential

Choosing the Right Platform for Marketing is Essential

Finding the right audience, and reaching them on the right platform is essential to get the right kind of traction.

Key Takeaways

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