Category Building Campaign

How a personal grooming brand successfully reached its target audience through on-ground activations organised by HT Group


Client: A Leading Personal Grooming Brand

Category: FMCG

Solution: Product Placement via On-Ground Activation

Industry & Campaign Overview

The personal grooming market is expected to grow owing to increased awareness and interest in beautification, driven by factors such as rising per capita income, a growing working population, and rapid urbanization. Additionally, factors like innovative product development, high purchasing power, media influence, and the younger population's inclination toward personal grooming contribute to the market's expansion. A personal grooming brand identified this scope for expansion and wished to reach their desired urban target audience through on-ground activations organised by the HT Group, to create a category for a newly launched products.

Target Audience

The client aimed to connect with urban Indian young men who prioritize their personal appearance and grooming.

College Students

18 to 25 Year Old Men

Campaign Execution

HT Group reached the client's target audience through college campus on-ground activations, in Mumbai, Pune, Bihar & Jharkhand across 250+ colleges. The messaging was around the theme of 'Grooming for new you' and 'Grooming for career success', which was relevant for college-going students. Students were encouraged to try out the new razor products at booths and stalls set up especially for the campaign.


  • The campaign was conducted in Mumbai, Pune, Bihar & Jharkhand across 250+ colleges.
  • The campaign was successful in getting over a lakh razors sampled during the campaign.
  • A massive number of 1.3 Lakh students​ tried out the newly launched razors.
  • 80% on-spot trials and razor seeding as future source of business for the client through repeat cartridge sales​.


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