Brand Awareness Campaign

How India's leading milk chocolate brand successfully conducted a campaign with a cause


Client: Leading Confectionary Brand

Category: FMCG

Solution: Integrated Marketing Campaign

About the Industry

The milk chocolate confectionery industry is highly competitive, with major global players dominating the market and offering a diverse range of products to cater to varied consumer preferences. Evolving trends such as a demand for premium experiences, a focus on health and wellness, and a growing emphasis on sustainability have shaped the industry, while e-commerce has become a significant sales channel, complemented by seasonal fluctuations in demand.

The Brand Ask

Campaign with a Cause

Being part of the highly competitive Indian confectionary ecosystem, the client wanted to stand out by creating a campaign that not only helped achieve its goal but also fulfilled a larger cause at hand.

Client Objective

The client aspired to cultivate an esteemed brand identity synonymous with trust and benevolence, strategically launching a new product encapsulating gratitude as its cornerstone.

Target Audience

This campaign was targeted particularly at the residents of Delhi NCR and frequent social media users.

Residents of Delhi NCR

Social Media Users

Our Approach

HT Media Group strategically launched an integrated marketing campaign, inviting residents of the National Capital Region (NCR) to narrate their distinctive experiences amid the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdowns. The profiles underwent a meticulous evaluation and selection process, prioritizing acts of generosity deemed most worthy of acknowledgment and gratitude.

Campaign Execution

The HT Media group successfully executed this brand awareness & image transformation campaign by publishing branded content articles across the Hindustan Times Delhi NCR editions. Native content on and HT social media channels also helped receive a handsome number of leads and overall interest of readers in the campaign and brand. 40 worthy profiles were identified and 10 shortlisted and later published on HT print & digital platforms. These profiles belonged to good samaritans of the society who went the extra mile to provide aid for other people or animals during the challenging pandemic lockdowns. Their efforts were appreciated with gifts from the brand and a lot of exposure on HT social and digital platforms.


  • The campaign was a success in that the readers volunteered in big numbers to get published on HT platforms.
  • Brand awareness & visibility were enhanced with repeated branded content published across print and digital platforms.
  • 40 profiles were identified for the campaign, out of which 10 were finally shortlisted and published as the unsung heroes towards whom the client brand expresses gratitude.
  • This was a dream collaboration for the brand, as it helped them enhance their image, while strategically launching a new product and placing it with the right messaging for new consumers.


Key Takeaways

Inviting Consumers to Participate Generates High Engagement

Inviting Consumers to Participate Generates High Engagement

Clients who opt for engaging campaigns that require consumer participation or consumer generated content are able to receive high engagement in an affordable way.

Campaigns with a Cause Help Brands Stand Out

Campaigns with a Cause Help Brands Stand Out

Brands investing in campaigns with a rare cause are able to generate more engagement from their TG, as opposed to brands who are using conventional advertising methods to simply display why they are better than their competitors. In order to actually stand out from the crowd, brands must invest in more relevant & related cause-based marketing.

Key Takeaways

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