Thought Leadership Campaign

How a Chinese Multinational Technology Company collaborated with HT Media to establish a thought leadership stance and promote online learning through audio-visual format


Cllient: A Chinese Multinational Technology Company

Category: Education Technology

Solution: On-Ground Activation in the Hindi Speaking Belt

About the Collaboration

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Education Technology (EdTech) industry faced various difficulties, such as the sudden shift to remote learning and ensuring that all students have equal access. In partnership with the HT Media Group, our client aimed to engage school children in sharing their views on online education. Together, they launched a campaign that highlighted valuable content on both print and digital platforms, including social media promotions.

The Brand Ask

Industry Overview

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Education Technology (EdTech) sector encountered notable hurdles, particularly in adapting to remote learning and ensuring equitable access to education, especially for children.

Client Objective

The client, a leading technology company, collaborated with HT Media Group to gather children's perspectives on online learning. They aimed to provide a platform for children to express their views from March to July 2021. Through strategic media coverage and digital promotion, they sought to empower children to voice their opinions and stand a chance to win devices worth Rs. 25 Lakhs.

Target Audience

School Children

Parents of Students

Our Approach

Our approach involved engaging with school children to gather their opinions on online learning through written or audio-visual formats during the campaign period from 3rd March to the end of July 2021. This included introducing the first-ever platform for children to share their experiences and perspectives, launching a Scholarship program with extensive 360-degree coverage and a dedicated microsite, and publishing print ads and articles across HT, The Hindu, and The Telegraph for wider outreach, totalling 60,000 Sq Cm of editorial coverage and 8,000 Sq Cm of digital coverage.

Campaign Execution

To execute the campaign effectively, digital efforts included static and video posts on HT social media platforms, with cross-promotion on client handles. The impact on the brand was significant, with website traffic experiencing a notable 23% increase in India. Furthermore, the client-related keyword search volume witnessed a substantial 70% increase, indicating the successful execution of the campaign in collaboration with HT Media.


  • The campaign introduced the first-ever platform for children to share their experiences and perspectives, resulting in heightened engagement levels and increased participation.
  • Extensive 360-degree coverage and a dedicated microsite for the Scholarship program enhanced awareness among the target audience, leading to increased visibility and recognition.
  • Publication of print ads and articles across prominent platforms such as HT, Hindu, and Telegraph significantly expanded the campaign's reach, reaching a wide audience and generating substantial interest in online learning among school children.
  • The campaign's success was quantifiable, with total editorial coverage of 60,000 sq cm and digital coverage of 8,000 Sq Cm, indicating a substantial footprint in both traditional and digital media channels.
  • Impressive online metrics were achieved, including over 1 million website visits, a reach of over 24.5 million online users, engagement with over 500,000 students, over 60,000 contest registrations, outreach to over 1300 schools across Pan India, reaching over 8.6 million users on social media platforms, and generating over 40,000 social media engagements.
  • Overall, the campaign effectively achieved its objectives of engaging with school children to gather their opinions on online learning, while also raising awareness and generating interest in the client's initiatives within the target audience.


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