How the Aditya Birla Group leveraged HT Media’s native advertising capabilities to educate Gen-Z and Millennials on Financial Planning


Client: Aditya Birla Group

Category : BFSI

Solution: Native Advertising via Web Series

About Aditya Birla Group

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, operating within Aditya Birla Capital, serves as a trusted provider of mutual fund solutions. With a focus on financial empowerment, it offers a diverse array of investment avenues, ranging from equity to debt funds, catering to varying risk appetites and financial aspirations of investors.

The Brand Ask

The Brief

The Friday Finance Web series started to fill a void in financial awareness for Gen Z and Millennials. Recognising the lack of accessible resources, it aimed to demystify finance through engaging content. Its goal: empower young viewers with practical financial knowledge for smart decision-making and secure futures. Through entertaining and informative episodes, the series aimed to create a financially savvy community, simplifying the complexities of money management in a relatable way.

The Objective

Under the Investor Education Programme of Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, the brand’s primary objective was to educate the Gen-Z and millennial demographic in India on financial planning, aiming to engage them creatively while increasing its brand awareness in this audience segment effectively.

Target Group

The brand's core objective centred around fostering a robust presence and establishing meaningful connections with its target audience, specifically the Gen-Z and millennial demographic.

Gen-Z & Millennials

Working Men

Working Women

Level Up Your Financial Game

Season 2's Triumph Paves the Way for Season 3! Get Set for Money Mastery - Join the Friday Finance Frenzy Now!

Our Approach

Our strategy aimed to innovate the creative marketing solution to make a deeper connection with Gen-Zs and millennials by deploying our Native Advertising capabilities and weave a relatable story on financial planning. HT Brand Studio – the in-house creative shop from HT Media – seamlessly integrated financial concepts into everyday scenarios creating a web series that hit the right chord with the brand’s target group, while offering relatable and informative content to millennials.


  • The campaign effectively resonated with the target audience, as evidenced by the remarkable outcomes
  • The series attained significant milestones: 45 million reach impressions, 9.57 million video views, 4,20,000 engagements, and 1.36 million page views, reflecting its profound audience engagement and impact.
  • Season 2 introduced a nuanced cast extension, fortifying the audience's connection, and ensuring lasting engagement and resonance. An expanded, user-friendly microsite streamlined access, enhancing the viewing experience for Season 2 content.
  • A well-crafted HT article heightened anticipation, effectively teasing the upcoming series and capturing audience interest. The captivating pre-series teaser sparked excitement, setting the stage for forthcoming content and generating buzz.
  • Meticulously designed email campaigns maintained engagement, consistently updating on series episodes. Purposeful social media posts strategically amplified reach, boosting engagement and visibility, and leaving a substantial impact.


Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Authentic Brand Storytelling to Reach Gen-Z & Millennials

Authentic Brand Storytelling to Reach Gen-Z & Millennials

Gen Z and Millennials value authenticity in brand communication. Incorporating real-life scenarios and relatable financial situations in the storytelling helps in establishing a genuine connection.

Deeper Audience Engagement with Microsites & Email

Deeper Audience Engagement with Microsites & Email

Creating dedicated microsites for campaigns allows for a focused and immersive brand experience. These microsites can host additional content, bonus footage, and interactive elements, providing a comprehensive engagement platform.

Amplifying Engagement on Social Media

Amplifying Engagement on Social Media

Purposeful and engaging social media posts were tactically disseminated across various platforms, effectively amplifying the campaign's reach, fostering engagement, and significantly enhancing visibility on multiple social channels that are highly frequented by the target group.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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