Brand Awareness Campaign

How a leading tech company raised awareness of cutting-edge technology through carefully crafted content marketing strategy


Client: A Leading Global Tech Company

Category: Technology

Solution: Branded Content on New Media Platforms

About the Collaboration

Tech companies all over the world have struggled and spent millions of dollars to keep cyber attacks at bay. The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic further intensified this struggle, as the majority of employees transitioned to remote work. Securing individual devices and myriad entry points proved to be a Herculean task, especially with traditional anti-virus technology falling short against sophisticated malware. The client aimed to offer solutions to such tech companies by reaching its desired TG through content marketing strategies, and by smart content placements on the Mint website and app.

The Brand Ask

Client's Objective

The client aimed to reach its desired target audience, on the right platform, with relevant messaging, with their solutions for endpoint security challenges. They wanted to also educate and inform the audience, while building trust for their brand, and hence chose content marketing as their marketing strategy.

Campaign Vision

The campaign, much in alignment with the client's vision, aimed to reach key decision-makers in the IT sector, through strategically placed articles on the Mint website, which not only inform them about the client's powerful solutions to endpoint security challenges, but also guide them about how to implement them in their companies.

Target Audience

For this campaign, the pool of target audience spans across all of the IT sector, any company that uses and provides devices such as phones, laptops, tablets to their employees.

Remote Workers/ Laptop Users

IT Decision Makers

C-Suite Executives: CTOs, CIOs, CXOs

Our Approach

To fulfil the client's vision for the campaign, HT Media group assigned it to the Mint platform, one of the most commonly visited platforms by C-Suite level executives in the IT sector and other IT decision makers for tech related news. The Mint team created a dedicated microsite, which hosted carefully curated articles, infographics and videos, informing the target audiences about the real challenges in cybersecurity with regards to multiple devices (entry and endpoints), used by employees working on and off site, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Content was also served in the form of podcasts on HT Media's Smartcast channel. The Mint website also ran this campaign as display ads on the Mint website, for higher visibility and brand recall value.


  • The campaign reached a very high number of readers, for a B2B campaign in the tech sector, owing to the massive reach of the Mint publication.
  • The dedicated microsite alone got more than 3 Lakh views.
  • The curated articles and infographic received over 5 Lakh views.
  • The campaign successfully received 400 leads from the B2B community, resulting in more business for the client.
  • The Mint display banner ads got 2.5 Million views.
  • 2 original podcast episodes were published for the campaign on Smartcast channel.


A Reach Beyond Measure
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Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Platform Choice for Tech Content Marketing is Crucial

Platform Choice for Tech Content Marketing is Crucial

While creating succinct content is vital for any campaign, making it reach its target audience at the right place and time are even more important for a successful campaign. Mint is a commonly used platform for IT decision makers, thus choosing it for B2B tech solutions, got the client a very broad reach.

New Forms of Media Must Be Explored for Tech Companies

New Forms of Media Must Be Explored for Tech Companies

Riding the podcast wave in the pandemic definitely was a wise thing to do, especially since the campaign was also targeting remote workers. Social media posts, blog content on microsite, and digital display banners on website & app, are smart choices for tech audiences.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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