A CSR Initiative

How one of the world's largest snacks companies drove a CSR campaign with a purpose, while making brand association with happiness


Client: One of the World’s Largest Snacks Company

Category: FMCG

Solution: A CSR Initiative

About the Collaboration

The FMCG industry grapples with challenges amidst evolving consumer preferences and the surge of e-commerce platforms, disrupting traditional distribution. Our client, a key FMCG player, sought to solidify its position by highlighting its dedication to sustainability, social responsibility, and community engagement. HT Media Group crafted a succinct campaign emphasising the client's commitment to sustainability and social responsibility in the FMCG sector.

The Brand Ask

Industry Overview

FMCG companies face shifting consumer preferences towards sustainability and wellness in the fast-paced market. Supply chain interruptions, rising costs, and evolving regulations add to the challenges. To maintain market share and brand loyalty, companies need to navigate these challenges and focus on sustainability amidst fierce competition.

Client Objective

As a thought leader in sustainability and impact, the client aimed to associate itself with happiness as a core value. The collaboration with HT Media focused on providing higher visibility to its beyond-consumer work, particularly in sustainability and community impact areas, to solidify its position as a leader in the FMCG sector.

Target Audience

Print News Readers

Young Indians

Urban Dwellers

Our Approach

Collaborating with the client, HT Media created a 6-week integrated marketing campaign called "Happiness Unlocked". This initiative aimed to amplify stories of finding happiness in the new normal of the post-COVID era, inspiring millions to share stories on how they found happiness in the challenging pandemic times.

Campaign Execution

The "Happiness Unlocked" campaign ran for six weeks. We encouraged & rewarded readers to share their stories about of finding joy post-COVID, aiming to inspire millions. The campaign was amplified in HT Media's print and digital platforms. Engaging posts on English Hindustan Times, Hindi Hindustan, and Mint's Facebook handles expanded the reach of the campaign. A branded microsite hosted user-generated and curated content, fostering engagement. Mint featured stories on the client's initiatives benefiting cocoa farmers. The campaign also promoted a 21-Day Happiness Calendar on the microsite, encouraging users to take up daily activities for happiness. This helped promote their products in a masked manner.


  • The campaign achieved remarkable success, resonating effectively with the audience and leaving a lasting impression.
  • It garnered extensive print reach, engaging 8 million HT readers, 50 million Hindustan readers, and 0.7 million Mint readers.
  • Digitally, the campaign achieved over 1.7 million page views for articles and 2 Lacs visits to the microsite.
  • Social media posts collectively reached over 6 million users, with an additional 3.5 million amplifications on portals.
  • The UGC campaign reached over 5 million people, with high engagement and 390+ user stories shared.


Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Relevant Microsites Elevate Brand Image

Relevant Microsites Elevate Brand Image

Creating dedicated microsites on reputable news platforms, like HT Media, presents a valuable opportunity to enhance brand image. This approach allows businesses to control the narrative from their perspective, fostering a positive and authentic portrayal.

Thought Leadership CSR Initiatives Can be Transformative for Brand Image

Thought Leadership CSR Initiatives Can be Transformative for Brand Image

Showcasing your company's corporate social responsibility initiatives as part of your marketing campaigns can help build brand image and create a positive impact on society, which resonates well with consumers.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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