Brand Awareness Campaign

How the largest grey cement manufacturers reached a significant niche audience for their campaign and achieved brand awareness with Hindustan in the Hindi speaking belt of India


Client: The Largest Manufacturer of Grey Cement

Category: Manufacturing

Solution: Brand Building Campaign

About the Collaboration

The grey cement industry in India stands as a testament to the nation's robust construction sector. The client, a flagship brand part of a known Indian conglomerate, holds a commanding presence in the market, leveraging its vast distribution network, advanced technology, and sustainable practices. Its unwavering commitment to excellence has solidified its position as the preferred choice for builders, developers, and infrastructure projects across the country, shaping the landscape of India's cement industry. Much like how the client is a catalyst in the infrastructural development of the nation, "Mukhiyas" are the key catalysts in the development of Indian villages. Through the campaign, the client aimed to provide a platform for the inspiring stories of the drivers of rural growth - The Yashaswi Mukhiyas.

The Brand Ask

The Client's Vision

Just as the client acts as a catalyst in the nation's infrastructure development, "Mukhiyas" serve as vital catalysts in the progress of Indian villages. The campaign aimed to offer a platform for the remarkable stories of these rural change-makers, known as the Yashaswi Mukhiyas. This program, conceived by UltraTech Cement and Hindustan, is an innovative initiative designed to acknowledge the pivotal role played by village headmen (Mukhiyas) in Bihar and provide a platform to honor their inspiring narratives.

Collaboration with Hindustan

With a known TG in Bihar, the client chose the undisputed leader in print news in Bihar to generate brand awareness towards the campaign. The Hindustan team skilfully designed an integrated marketing campaign to leverage its reach and network to reach a widespread audience.

Target Audience

Village Headmen or Mukhiyas

Rural Consumers

Hindi Newsreaders

Our Approach

The Yashasvi Mukhiya Program was strategically amplified across five key channels: digital platforms, social media, radio broadcasts, print media, local TV channels, a dedicated microsite, and on-ground activations. Leveraging the brand equity and extensive reach of Hindustan, a trusted and influential voice in the Bihar region, these channels effectively disseminated the inspiring stories of the Yashaswi Mukhiyas to a wide audience, fostering greater awareness and engagement with the program's mission and objectives.

3-Stage Campaign Execution

The campaign unfolded in three distinct stages, each contributing to its success. In the initial stage, a call for entries was extended to Mukhiyas, inviting them to register and participate in the program. This phase emphasized the benefits and recognition associated with joining the initiative, utilizing a multi-channel approach. Print media played a pivotal role, featuring teaser campaigns, full-page, half-page, and quarter-page ads, alongside detailed editorial stories showcasing the program's significance. Simultaneously, social media platforms and a dedicated microsite facilitated registrations. On-ground activations further bolstered outreach, with vans adorned with campaign posters visiting villages and dedicated call centers aiding in entry registrations. The campaign culminated in a grand felicitation ceremony, honoring the winners whose stories exemplified exceptional contributions to their villages and communities. This event garnered attention from local leaders, influencers, and policymakers, underscoring the program's impact and celebrating its champions.


  • The campaign was a success in every sense of the word, that not only honoured the unsung rural heroes of India, but also enhanced the brand metrics of Ultra Tech Cement significantly.
  • This campaign resulted in 1.5X improvement in brand recommendation for the client.
  • The Hindustan Impact ensured that the campaign got 2x times the reach than another publication and 3x times the registrations.
  • Digital engagement helped garner 16K entries across 8K villages, with 40,000 unique page views on dedicated microsite; On-ground activations; 2,500 villages covered, registrations through van promotions: 2,000
  • Local TV & Radio news covered the campaign as a successful event; 20 Mukhiyas felicitated by State Ministers; 
Attended by the who’s who of the Bihar State Govt, local leaders, influencers, policymakers; Jayant Raj Kushwaha, Shravan Kumar, Alok Mehta


Incredible Campaign Impact

Key Takeaways

Nature of Brand Association

Nature of Brand Association

The campaign was a success as it discovered a way to honour the target audience for the brand. A smart campaign that aligned the values of the brand with the consumers, using the right kind of media partner, Hindustan, that led to a creative solution to the challenge.

Mobilising the local communities

Mobilising the local communities

The campaign honoured village Mukhiyas, who were felicitated by local leaders, this helped foster a sense of community and association with the brand.

Key Takeaways