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How a D2C Dairy Brand Increased Its Revenue and Sales Through Succinct Messaging in Print Ads in Hindustan Times


Client: A D2C Dairy Company

Category: Dairy Industry; Ecommerce

Solution: Print Advertisements; Print Jacket Ads

About the Industry

India, a global leader in both milk production and consumption, maximizes nearly all of its production. Major players like Nestle and Amul are embracing the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) model to cater to the daily demand for fresh milk. The Indian D2C dairy market, currently valued at approximately Rs 1,500 crore in 2022, is experiencing rapid growth. RedSeer Consulting predicts it will reach Rs 5,000 crore by 2025, boasting a remarkable Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of over 40 percent. This surge is propelled by the swift adoption of e-commerce and the increasing desire for fresh, high-quality dairy products, with D2C platforms transforming the consumer experience through enhanced convenience, transparency, and a diverse product range.

The Brand Ask

About the Collaboration

With the emergence of data driven marketing in the up and coming D2C model for distribution in the Indian Dairy Industry, the client chose the traditional advertising medium of print jacket ads in Hindustan Times print editions.

Client Objective

The client aimed to increase its app downloads, subscriptions, thereby increasing their revenue in sales.

Target Audience

Delhi NCR Residents

Middle-income households

Mobile Phone Users

Our Approach

Hindustan Times took to a very strategic ad placement approach, with optimisation at creatives and print real estate levels. Hindustan Times ensured there were clear CTA messages in every ad, with QR codes to download the app, keeping in mind the client's core goal to be achieved from this campaign.

Campaign Execution

The foundation of this marketing approach lies in crafting a strategic roadmap and a quantum growth plan. A meticulous focus on creative optimization involves fine-tuning messaging, strategically allocating weights to communication elements, and judiciously enhancing the call to action. The optimization extends to creative units, considering variables like size, page position, and optimal deployment days. Contextualizing marketing tasks involves a distinctive launch and sustained relevance amid and post the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. This integrated approach, underpinned by a scorecard methodology, tracks progress through incremental downloads, post-ads subscriptions, sales, and a post-campaign evaluation, allowing for dynamic mid-course corrections and ensuring adaptability in an evolving landscape.


  • The campaign was a success, in that it garnered better than expected results for the client.
  • A surge in daily app downloads and the acquisition of new subscribers has been succeeded by a sustained, secular growth trend, with both the downloads and subscriber base exhibiting an impressive expansion of over 40%.
  • The daily sales levels demonstrated a commendable growth of 13% over a span of six weeks.


Key Takeaways

Combining Purchase Patterns is a Smart Marketing Strategy

Combining Purchase Patterns is a Smart Marketing Strategy

Smart messaging but in traditional forms of advertising works very well still for D2C Dairy brands, due to the age old practice of Indian home owners to buy their milk with the morning newspaper.

Conventional Advertising Still Works

Conventional Advertising Still Works

Employing QR codes in print proved instrumental in augmenting app downloads for the client, underscoring the enduring receptivity of individuals towards print advertisements that impart a heightened recall value to brands.

Key Takeaways

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