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How a Leading Chinese Multinational Technology Company Successfully Conducted a Thought Leadership Conclave with Hindustan Times


Client: A Leading Chinese Multinational Technology Company

Category: Education Technology (EdTech)

Solution: Thought Leadership Campaign

About the Collaboration

The education technology (EdTech) industry faces challenges in adapting to digital transformations while ensuring inclusivity and quality education delivery. A Chinese multinational technology company aimed to establish thought leadership in the EdTech sector. To achieve this objective, HT Media Group devised a multi-media campaign that amplified engagement and positioned the client as a leader in innovative education solutions.

The Brand Ask

Industry Overview

In the rapidly evolving landscape of education technology (EdTech), the challenge lies in adapting to new digital paradigms while ensuring inclusivity and efficiency in delivering quality education. With the advent of the National Education Policy, there's a heightened focus on reshaping the educational ecosystem to align with modern demands and technological advancements.

Client's Objective

The client’s objective was to establish itself as a thought leader in the EdTech space by hosting a virtual conclave. This event aimed to engage education board trustees, school principals, teachers, parents, students, and IT decision-makers (ITDMs) from top public and private institutions. The focus was on showcasing innovative products and solutions that contribute to a smarter ed-tech future, aligning with the objectives set forth by the National Education Policy.

Target Audience


Key Decision Makers in IT Industry


Parents of School Students

School Students

Our Approach

Our strategy was to use a multi-channel promotion plan to increase the reach and engagement of the virtual conclave. HT Media targeted education board trustees, school principals, teachers, parents, and students to encourage a discussion on innovative education solutions aligned with the National Education Policy. Through extensive promotions on print and digital media, web sessions, email invitations, social media announcements, branded content, and editorial coverage, HT Media positioned the client as a thought leader in the EdTech space.

Campaign Execution

HT Media ran a 45-day promotion campaign for the virtual conclave from August to October 2021. The campaign included a dedicated microsite, web sessions, email invitations, social media announcements, print ads, editorial coverage, and radio promos. The virtual platform provided attendees with a seamless experience and resulted in 1381 attendees and 2874 online registrations.


  • The event's theme of "Smarter Technology - The New Order of Education" resonated well with the audience, aligning with the industry's focus on innovative solutions for a smarter ed-tech future.
  • The multi-media promotion campaign for the Virtual Conclave, presented by Hindustan Times, garnered significant traction and engagement.
  • With a total attendance of 1,381 individuals at the conclave and 2,874 online registrations, the event successfully attracted key stakeholders in the education sector, including education board trustees, school principals, teachers, parents, and students.
  • Run-on-site banners were displayed on Mint and HT websites, along with extensive digital and print media promotions, which contributed to a total of 12 Million impressions, effectively reaching a wide audience and generating interest in the event.
  • The microsite received 2 Lakh visits, indicating strong online presence.


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Campaign Highlights

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

Focus on Theme Relevance

Focus on Theme Relevance

Aligning event themes with industry trends, such as "Smarter Technology - The New Order of Education," can resonate well with the target audience, driving meaningful discussions and interest in innovative solutions.

Keeping a Track on Results is Key

Keeping a Track on Results is Key

Tracking metrics like impressions, attendance, and online registrations helps businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and refine strategies for future events.

Industry Insights & Key Takeaways

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