How did the Hindustan Times Codeathon, India's First Coding Olympiad, inspire the next generation to code for a better tomorrow


Client : IBM, Cuemath

Category: Education

Solution: CSR Empowerment through education, Engage student communities


The Hindustan Times Codeathon heralded as India's First Coding Olympiad, stands as a visionary platform that ignites the passion for coding and problem-solving among the nation's youth. In a world increasingly driven by technology, the significance of coding skills has become paramount, and the Codeathon aims to empower the next generation with the tools to thrive in the digital age. Unlike conventional coding competitions, the Codeathon encompasses a holistic approach to learning. Students not only get the opportunity to participate in the Olympiad but also gain access to a treasure trove of resources on the dedicated platform

The Brand Ask


In response to the growing demand for coding skills, the Hindustan Times Codeathon was launched in 2020 by HT Media, recognizing their significance in the digital age. Amidst unprecedented challenges, this initiative sought to inspire and empower the next generation with a passion for coding and creative problem-solving.

Nurturing Future Coders: Vision for Success

Fostering Future Coders: Hindustan Times Codeathon, launched by HT Media in 2020, with 61,000 students from 6,000 schools nationwide, goes beyond competition. It provides a holistic learning experience via webinars, quizzes, and videos at A two-year journey from September to December promotes creative problem-solving and coding proficiency, forging a brighter future where coding equals success.

Target Group

The Hindustan Times Codeathon targets a broad audience, including students, educators, tech enthusiasts, tech companies, government bodies, and non-profits. Its goal is to inspire and equip individuals with coding skills for a brighter future.

Enthusiastic, Eager to learn, Tech-savvy Youth

Influential, Foster coding skills Educators and Tech Professionals

Strategic Government Bodies and Non-profits Collaborative

In Their Own Words

Our Approach

Our strategy for Hindustan Times Codeathon maximizes impact through post-event winner development, technical workshops, and community engagement targeting parents, students, and educational institutions. Our promotion involves extensive media coverage, partnerships like "Coding for Cause" with IBM, Cuemath integrations, and interactive coding content, fostering a vibrant coding culture for a brighter tech-driven future.

Campaign Execution

Extensive 360-degree coverage marked the launch of Codeathon. A special portal, Coding for Cause, was also developed for IBM, along with integrations between Cuemath and HT Schools. The leaning content i.e. coding quiz, challenge dashboard also acted as interactive tools for brand integrations.


  • The campaign has successfully driven key brand metrics and achieved significant milestones with product-led workshops initiated for Codeathon winners, focusing on the technical development of the HT Schools platform.
  • The campaign achieved extensive 360-degree media coverage during the Codeathon launch while successfully developing a dedicated "Coding for Cause" portal in collaboration with IBM.
  • It forged strategic integrations between Cuemath and HT Schools and Utilized interactive learning content, including coding quizzes and challenge dashboards, for effective brand integrations.
  • Impressive participation figures: 60K program registrations, involvement of 5K schools, and a remarkable digital reach of over 30 million.
  • Achieved 65,000 organic search results for the keyword "HT Code-a-thon."Recorded 14,400+ radio seconds and featured branded interviews.
  • Generated 14 million impressions through website pre-rolls integration in 80 videos.Published over 30 native articles on platforms like,,, and


Organic Amplification Through Native Articles

Organic Amplification Through Native Articles

Our organic amplification efforts, driven by strategic native articles, website pre-rolls in 80 videos, and sponsor subsections, yielded 65,000 organic search results and 14 million impressions. Over 30 articles on respected platforms extended our reach.

Innovative Brand Solution

Innovative Brand Solution

Our campaign achieved substantial success through engaging radio segments and branded interviews. It also garnered significant organic video views, reflecting strong audience engagement.