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BRIDGE School of Management is a flagship business school launched via a joint venture between HT Media Ltd. & Apollo Global, Inc. (USA). Apollo Global is one of the world’s leading higher education providing companies.

India’s Higher Education, as mentioned by Business World (May 2012), is believed to be not industry oriented. The magazine quotes that most management institutes today focus only on theoretical learning with outdated content irrelevant in today’s competitive world, which results in an education-employment mismatch. 44% of the recruiters find it difficult to get the right talent in the 4-8 years of experience bracket. On the other hand there are millions of working professionals who are unable to fulfil their need for career enhancement and higher income due to mismatch in the skills and competencies that they have and what industry needs. 40% try and upgrade their qualifications while making a career shift.

Taking this as the basis for its vision, BRIDGE School of Management aims to address the education-employment mismatch and intends to equip working professionals with skills and practical knowledge of real business value for a global workplace. Leveraging the best-in-class knowledge, experience, expertise and technology from Apollo Global, Inc. (USA), BRIDGE through its industry-focused management programs for working professionals goes beyond the theoretical knowledge of concepts and provides an innovative learning environment while focusing on upgrading their managerial, functional and interpersonal skills.

BRIDGE’s curriculum has been created by a highly qualified academia, includes credible inputs from the industry professionals, and addresses the needs and demands of the industry. Apart from this, BRIDGE’s teaching approach includes advanced instructional technologies and high quality professional academic delivery techniques that seek to augment the learner’s experience.

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